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CLH is the leading company in Spain for transportation and storage of refined oil products. The company handles a variety of refined products including diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, marine fuel and bio-fuel. The CLH system includes 4,000 km of pipelines and 39 storage facilities, which represents nearly 100% of the pipeline infrastructure and over 50% of the storage infrastructure for refined oil products in Spain. GIP sold its investment in CLH in 2016.

Competitive Power Ventures

Competitive Power Ventures (“CPV”) develops, owns and operates power generation assets with a focus on clean, combined cycle natural gas and wind-powered generation located in key United States power markets. In addition, CPV has an industry leading track record in independent power development and contract asset management services with 4,600 MW developed since 2009 and approximately 6,000 MW of generation facilities under asset management contracts.

Saeta Yield/Bow Power

GIP has formed a partnership with Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.A. (“ACS”) via an investment across two companies. The first, Saeta Yield, S.A. (“Saeta”), in which GIP has an approximate 24% interest, is the owner of 688MW of operating wind and solar power generation assets located in Spain. The second, Bow Power, S.L. (“Bow Power”), in which GIP has a 49% interest, will own up to 460MW of renewable power generation projects located in Europe and Latin America and also will focus on the development of new projects worldwide.