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CLH connects eight oil refineries on the Spanish mainland to a cross section of storage and transport facilities in the Country’s high oil product consumption areas.

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There are a total of 39 CLH refined product facilities throughout Spain.

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More than 33 million tons of oil products are moved annually via a pipeline network of over 4,000 km.

CLH is the leading company in Spain for transportation and storage of refined oil products. The company handles a variety of refined fuels which are utilised by the land, aviation and marine transport sectors. CLH moves approximately 33 million tons of product annually via a network of over 4,000km of pipelines, connecting the eight refineries on the Spanish mainland to 39 storage facilities and 28 airport facilities which are located in the high consumption areas of the country. CLH has consistently expanded and improved the efficiency and capacity of its pipeline, storage and airport facilities as well as making consistent investments in operational and product distribution efficiency.

In 2014, GIP acquired a 15% interest in CLH.

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