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East India Petroleum Limited

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East India Petroleum Limited

EIPL has three spheres dedicated to the storage of up to 8,400 metric tons of LPG. The facility is both a break-bulk terminal for imports and services make-bulk exports.

East India Petroleum Limited ("EIPL") is a provider of liquid storage services for liquefied petroleum gas ("LPG"), petroleum, oil and lubricant products ("POL"), petrochemicals and biodiesel. The company’s facility is located on the east coast of India, within one of its busiest ports, in the city of Visakhapatnam ("Vizag"). Vizag benefits from a dense industrial hinterland and is the closest port to one of the largest petrochemical and pharmaceutical belts in India.

EIPL’s facilities include 21 storage tanks for liquid products with a total capacity of 113,000KL and three spheres for LPG storage with a total capacity of 8,400MT. EIPL is India’s first and only private provider of integrated LPG/liquid bulk storage and handles 100% of the private classified liquid storage market at Vizag.

GIP invested in EIPL in 2007 and currently holds a 59% interest.

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