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Guacolda is located in the northern part of Chile’s central electric grid, approximately 450 miles north of Santiago, positioning it near significant mining operations while still being on the same power grid as 90% of Chile’s population.

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Guacolda is a large scale facility serving a critical role in the Chilean power market, with 608 MW capacity on its existing four units, expanding to 760 MW once a fifth unit under construction is completed in late 2015.

Empresa Eléctrica Guacolda S.A. ("Guacolda") owns and operates a 608 MW coal-fired power generation facility in northern Chile that is in the process of being expanded to 760 MW by the end of 2015. Guacolda is among the largest and most efficient coal-fired generating facilities in Chile, with three of its five generating units less than six years old (including the new fifth unit which is scheduled to commence operations by the end of 2015). Guacolda sells the majority of its output to industrial and electric distribution customers under long-term power procurement agreements.

In 2014, GIP acquired a 49.9% interest in Guacolda from AES Gener S.A. ("AES Gener"). AES Gener is the Chilean subsidiary of AES Corporation, a diversified global power company based in Arlington, Virginia.

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