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Hess Infrastructure Partners owns and operates a large, strategic natural gas processing and NGL fractionation infrastructure facility in the Bakken Shale region in North Dakota.

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Over 3,000 miles of Hess Infrastructure Partners’ natural gas and oil gathering systems and large scale terminal facilities provide critical infrastructure services for upstream customers.

Through the acquisition of 50% of Hess Infrastructure Partners’ midstream crude oil and natural gas infrastructure business in the Bakken Shale region, GIP has formed a strategic partnership with Hess Corporation to jointly own and operate critical infrastructure in one of the most important crude oil and natural gas producing basins in North America. The midstream infrastructure is principally located in North Dakota and includes crude oil and natural gas gathering systems, a natural gas processing and fractionation facility, crude oil export assets and an underground propane storage facility.

This strategic joint venture partnership combines Hess, a leading independent energy exploration and production company, with GIP, one of the most accomplished investors in the energy midstream infrastructure space, and demonstrates GIP’s ability to work synergistically with a high quality producer in providing critical midstream services in one of America’s most important oil producing basins.

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