About Us

Industry Expertise

GIP is led by its Managing Partner, Adebayo Ogunlesi, who has over 30 years of experience in energy, infrastructure investing and investment banking. The other senior members of the GIP team have an average of over 20 years of broad, complementary experience in investment banking, investing and operations in our three sectors of concentration – energy, transport and water/waste. This group’s deep experience base offers important advantages in key business development areas. For example, GIP has demonstrated a proprietary investment origination capability, which has been driven by our extensive global industry sector relationships.

Investment Professionals

Senior members of the GIP investment team have an average of over two decades of hands-on experience in our targeted sectors. The investment team utilizes its extensive industry knowledge and network of relationships to identify and evaluate investment opportunities.

Operating Professionals

GIP’s Operating Partners, Principals and Portfolio Company CEOs and COOs apply advanced industrial management techniques to improve performance of our funds’ underlying assets. Many members of the team are former business or functional leaders from leading industrial corporations. These professionals bring a wealth of expertise and industrial best practices to GIP’s portfolio companies, helping to drive operational improvements in key areas of value creation.

Senior Advisors

GIP is supported by a Senior Advisory Board, whose members work exclusively with GIP on infrastructure investing activities. These Advisors are leaders from GIP’s target industries who provide advice in such areas as investment opportunities, industry dynamics, regulatory policy and risk management.

GIP’s industry expertise and skill sets include rigorous due diligence, operational evaluations and independent, comprehensive risk reviews. These disciplines span all three industry sectors and are important factors in differentiating GIP from other infrastructure investors.