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Italo’s high speed trains are a unique combination of technology, safety and comfort.

Italo is Europe’s largest, fully private, High Speed Rail operator carrying over 13 million passengers per year. Italo operates 37 Alstom trains, with orders in place to grow the fleet to 47 trains by the Summer of 2020. Its network connects both Italy’s major cities (Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna) and tourist destinations (Venice, Florence, Naples) providing over 90 services per day, with trains operating between 250-350m kmh. Italo generates over €550m of revenue and has around 1,000 employees. As the leading private operator, Italo is well placed to take advantage of the liberalising EU rail market, which will fully open to competition from 2020.

GIP completed the acquisition of Italo in April 2018.

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