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Ruby Pipeline Holding Company


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Ruby went into service on July 28, 2011 and transports natual gas from the Rocky Mountain supply region to the U.S. West Coast markets.

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Ruby’s construction helps address the growing U.S. demand for cleaner energy. Ruby is America’s first carbon-neutral gas pipeline.

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Ruby is a joint venture with Kinder Morgan, Inc., America’s largest natural gas pipeline owner and operator.

Ruby Pipeline ("Ruby") is an approximately 680-mile natural gas pipeline that was constructed by a joint venture between GIP and El Paso Corporation. After the acquisition of El Paso by Kinder Morgan, Inc., Ruby is now jointly owned and controlled by a GIP/Kinder Morgan joint venture. GIP’s investment in Ruby recognizes America’s increasing demand for cleaner energy sources and West Coast utilities' desire for supply security and diversity. Ruby, the first carbon-neutral gas pipeline in the United States, transports natural gas from the abundant and cost-advantaged Rocky Mountain supply region to the growing U.S. West Coast markets. Construction began in July 2010 and the in-service date was July 2011.

GIP invested in Ruby in 2009 and currently holds a 50% interest.

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